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Presenting at Philly.Net Code Camp 2011.2 Oct 15

I will be presenting at Philly.Net Code Camp 2011.2 on Oct. 15 http://goo.gl/yYGXv

Presentation will be:  Learn RegEx in T-SQL & kick \

Session Description: (This is what users will see, please go for concise and elegant) Regular Expressions, aka RegEx, is a powerful syntax for finding patterns in text, which has been around since the 60’s. Until recently the power of RegEx has been an elusive tool to T-SQL Developers. This presentation will provide an introduction to Regular Expressions in general and concentrate on the tools and techniques for using them in T-SQL. Find out how easy and powerful Regular Expressions can be for everyday tasks such as basic where condition criteria to validating and scrubbing data. Come on you know you’ve always wanted to learn RegEx ever since you first saw them. Now is your chance to get a jumpstart on using them. You will leave with the tools, knowledge and resources to get you started.

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