Migrating Google Accounts

Unfortunately there is no easy way to migrate from one Google account to another.  The difficulty is compounded due to a Google account is not the same as a Google Apps Account even if they have the same username.

Here are some links that deal with this issue:

Google Web History Can’t be moved -

How to transfer bookmarks from one Google account to another -

Managing Profiles in FireFox -


2006 Volkswagen Passat Service Now Reset Procedure


I am very fond of my 2006 VW Passat.  However there is one item that has always annoyed me.  The Service now message that comes up in the driver information display is a pain to reset if you don’t know the process.  It is not listed in the user manual and my local service station says that their online manuals states that a custom VW device is needed.





However, thanks to “Behold the power of Google” I found the following instructions:

  1. With the ignition off and key out press and hold the service wrench button.
  2. With the wrench button still held down insert and press the key to the ON position without actually starting the ignition.
  3. Press and hold the MIN clock button on the other side of the steering wheel while keeping the wrench button down.
  4. Now once the MIN button is down release the Wrench button.

That’s it.  There is little to see in the panel and there is no confirmation Boing or anything indicating you were successful. 

I have used this process successfully.  Unfortunately, the original source on the web for this information has been lost.   It is now posed on this journal so that I can find it again easily.  Although, it would be great to know that this may help someone else.

{BTW: I also put a print out of the instructions in the glove box for next time}


Giant LEGO Millennium Falcon Star Wars Model


It should be embarrassing for a 40 year old man to want a Star Wars LEGO model, but somehow it just isn’t. 

This thing is gorgeous with over 5,000 pieces and scale LEGO Star Wars figures.

“Honey…Sweetheart…If you reading this…hint…hint.nudge…nudge”

The Geek Dads state that they are going to discontinue it soon.


Online tool to help visualize the size and scale of cells and other tiny objects

LeanrGeneticsCellSizeThe University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center has published an interactive visual tool to zoom in on objects from a coffee bean down to a carbon atom.  There is even a grid scale in the upper left corner that shows the zooming scale graphically.


What’s Wrong With Our Healthcare System and Just How Did It Get This Way?

The public radio program “This American Life” has just released two excellent hours of radio on the problems of our healthcare system and the history behind how we got to where we are today.

The two programs take a simple anecdotal and investigative journalistic look at several issues facing consumers, insurers, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and even government.  The truly amazing thing about the broadcast is how accessible the subject matter is to “normal” people.  The economics and concerns of the different parties are explored from each perspective.  Maybe the large companies aren’t as “evil” as they are often portrayed and perhaps we as consumers aren’t behaving reasonably.

The programs are informative on our current healthcare debate.  Listening to the program illustrated how complex the issues really are.  While congress is hotly debating the issues and trying to paint things in black and white, good and evil, it seems they may be arguing about the wrong things.  There are real issues and they don’t have simplistic answers.  

  • Should Doctors and patients be aware of the costs behind treatment or not. 
  • Would we make different choices if we had to participate more in the sharing of the cost?
  • Is it fair to stratify treatment based on cost thereby favoring the wealthy?
  • Would the public option help, hurt or both the current situation?

The downside of these broadcasts is that the solutions to our problems are less clear.  Anyone who believes it is fine just as it is will change their mind after listening.  The good news is that most people in a position to make a difference agree that change is needed.  Listen to these programs and see if you can come up with a solution.  Then do a little test; see if you could live with it.

391: More Is Less

392: Someone Else's Money

The podcasts are available for free if you listen online.